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Become an executive and leadership coach in Lebanon with our coach training programs


Companies and organizations in Lebanon have realized the increasing need for Executive and Leadership coaching. The Executive/Leadership coach aims to work with leaders of organizations, corporate executives and human resource departments in order to develop their people and improve communication skills, leadership tactics and techniques in order to maximize their effectiveness in leading their teams. Coaching sessions help bring self-awareness and personal  development, ultimately boosting the morale of leaders who in turn will cascade its positive effects on the people they work with. What better way to effect productivity and growth in the workplace than to invest in people who will bring the change? And who better bring out the needed skills in the company leaders than one who has been there themselves,  respected and accomplished executives and consultants who have contributed to the success of their companies? Professionals who have been successful in their executive careers naturally gain the respect of other professionals, giving them an edge and authority that makes for an effective executive/leadership coach. 


Aside from your natural and time-developed leadership acumen and experience, you'll need the necessary training to make you a certified executive and leadership coach. As a leader of leaders,  PragmaDoms is the only accredited coaching institution in Lebanon who can equip you with coaching skills, enhance your powers of observation, analysis, facilitation and encouragement. Our program is designed to provide a structure and system to your coaching sessions so that measurable and tangible results are obtained. Be prepared to see changed lives, empowered company executives and organization leaders as you commit to developing your own career and calling as an executive and leadership coach.


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