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Accredited Certifications

This is the most important step in establishing yourself as a professional and successful expert. It shows potential clients your commitment to the process and builds your industry-wide credibility.

What is Accredited Coaching?


PragmaDoms offer certified coaching programs under ICF - International Coaching Federation. Today, ICF’s coaching certifications are the most recognized and respected certifications for a coach. By becoming accredited, you will be part of a large community of elite coaches, grow this industry and impact individuals and organizations.

'I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential.'

BOB NARDELLI; Businessman

Why choose ICF Certifications?

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Global program

ICF’s certifications are internationally recognized and inspire trust and respect in coaches that hold them.

Member of an international organization

Once you start your ICF certification, you will be part of this international organization and your expertise will not be limited to one country, but worldwide.


Being a credential coach helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace from other coaches. You will be able to present yourself a true professional.

Client satisfaction

Clients who work with certified coaches report better satisfaction and are more likely to recommend you to others.

How would you benefit with us?

PragmaDoms offers the needed coach training program that will help you fulfill ICF's educational requirements. The program is intended to prepare, support and take you step by step throughout the entire ICF process. We are the ONLY ones that offer "all-inclusive" ICF Certified Coaching Programs (ACTP Accreditation) in Lebanon, delivered fully by a LOCAL Mentor and Master Coach. By choosing ICF-accredited coach training at PragmaDoms, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality training. 

Here are three reasons why you need to be certified with PragmaDoms: 

PragmaDoms offers the needed coach training program. We give you the tools and methods to coach clients from start to finish, set up a practice and stand apart in the competitive field.

Our program is practical. It is not academic or theoretical but it is grounded in best practices and applied theory research.  

We have been helping aspiring life, executive, leadership, career, and business coaches become successful for almost two decades; we know what we are doing. 


We offer two types of certifications; Life and Executive. Both will put you on the fast track to be certified with the ICF if completed with the Mentor Coaching program. Our Certified Coaching Programs provide you with: Training Manuals, Weekly Webinars, Coaching Toolkits and Practice Coaching. Both programs take a minimum of 6-month coach training and another 6 months if mentored.


Your feedback is always taken into consideration

Lyssa Miskawi, HR Manager and Executive Coach, Afkar Holding

“I have worked with Nada on personal and corporate level and both experiences were above my expectations. Nada accompanied me throughout my coaching certificate and throughout building a coaching culture in our organization. Nada provides high value in everything she offers and does not accept delivering something less than perfect. She made a big positive impact on my life. In addition, we got a high return on investment from her coaching services and trainings. .”




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