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Coaching Consultancy

We provide personalized, one-to-one or group support to help you develop your leadership skills, build relationships, overcome challenges, accelerate your development, and achieve your goals.

What is Coaching Consultancy?

This is our signature program and the most results-driven coaching any person can put to use. Our Coaching Consultancy program accelerates results, makes a real difference to your lifestyle and adds value to your business. It one of the most adaptable and powerful management tools available to organizations today. During the process, individuals or groups are coached by one of our trusted elite coaches.

Why choose this program?


Coaching Consultancy develops potential, improves performance dramatically and puts you on the fast track. This happens through developing personal leadership skills, setting better goals, reaching goals faster, making better decisions, and improving communications and relationships.

Fast-Tracks your process

We provide you with a focused, personalized attention to shortcut your journey and achieve your personal and professional goals.


We will ensure that you see your goals through to the end and achieve the bold results you desire.  

Master your mindset

Working with a coach equips you with your unique “owner’s manual”.  You will have the necessary tools and insights to reach your goals effectively.

Fresh perspective

You will have a fresh and different perspective whenever you encounter a problem. Together, we will overcome whatever comes your way.

'Everybody Needs a Coach.'


How would you benefit with us?

PragmaDoms coaching interventions and unique evaluation methods will help individuals or organizations focus on current and future achievements. These methods will build awareness, establish responsibility and result in behavioral change.

Here are three reasons why choose coaching with PragmaDoms:

Our coaching process helps individuals or organizations in implementing lessons learned and translate knowledge into practice.

We will identify the areas that need improvement and customize an adequate program that meets your needs.

Our program is more collaborative, less hierarchical approach, where you are valued and supported, rather than directed and controlled.


The individual or group needs to adopt a mindset of openness that allows coaching to be implemented.

The Coaching Consultancy Program usually takes from a minimum of 3 months to 1 year, depending on the individual or the group's availability, progress and program design.


Your feedback is always taken into consideration

CEO, F&B, One-on-One Coaching

“We felt the the need for creating a coaching culture in the organization to get higher performance and better results, as well as the need to coach 2 executives to become more efficient in their roles. At the end, Executive 1 is now managing better his team. Quality audits reports grades increased and employee turnover and conflicts are reduced. in addition, executive 1 is now collaborating more with peers and other departments. In addition, executive 2 is now more assertive, motivated and confident. he is taking less time to make decisions and we are preparing him for a promotion. We have succeeded in implementing a coaching culture: managers are now coaching their employees. Their listening skills and leadership skills improved a lot. Coachees are working on different goals and are improving their skills and performance.”



Our team is always ready to assist you.