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Our Company

PragmaDoms is your go-to transformation consultancy that offers coaching and innovation solutions to individuals and organizations in the MENA region.

We are the first and one of the few coaching firms that started in Lebanon, and the first coaching firm that gives internationally-recognized coaching programs. We have become the leading provider of organizational and individual development services not only in Lebanon but also in the MENA region.

Our edge lies in constantly striving for growth and regularly introducing the newest tools, concepts, and approaches from different human and business innovations. We also pride ourselves with all-inclusivity and holistic understanding of ecosystems, by having a team of professionals who are able to bring diversity yet totality, as well as a wide portfolio of clients from and understanding of different fields.


JACK DORSEY; Co-Founder and CEO of Twitter

"Success is never accidental."

What We Offer

According to your needs, we create, together with you, a customized practical hands-on program to fit your need and align inner capacities with desired results.

Our programs include; Corporate Coaching, Organizational Development, Human Capabilities and Resilience, Design Thinking & Lean Startup Skills, Intrapreneurship and Leadership, Business Modeling Transformation, Innovation Capabilities & Creativity, Coaching Certifications, and Co-Design Facilitation.

Our accredited programs will equip you

to become successful coaches no matter

your background or field of expertise.

Accredited Certifications

Organizational Coaching

Mentor Coaching

Coaching Consultancy

Coaching and Innovation

What differentiates us?

We are perpetual students, constantly learning new techniques and improving our collective and individual knowledge base. Clients’ results speak for themselves. With specific tracks and programs designed to meet your needs, we can provide you with insight, experience, and resources you need to get you where you want to be. That is why we are the only coaching organization in the region to guarantee results.




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